Access medical images and locate reports as easily as a Google search.


A Fresh Perspective

ImageX is the first Vendor Neutral Network (VNN) for sharing medical images, reports, and accompanying clinical documents.

Unlike traditional medical image sharing vendors, Medicom does not use vendor-specific cloud-based storage to address the challenge of making medical images accessible throughout a patient’s care continuum. Rather, Medicom connects disparate PACS, VNA’s EHRs/EMRs, and cloud-based image sharing systems and becomes a single platform for interfacing your radiology practice or department to the outside world.


Redesign Your Processes

Why should patients care about automation?

  • Medicom’s automated search ensures that priors arrive before the patient does, eliminating common, frustrating delays due to inaccessible priors.
  • Referential patient matching ensures outside studies and reports are quickly and accurately associated with the correct patient chart or jacket, reducing the potential for human error.
  • Medicom delivers prior reports to the EHR and associates the images in PACS making access to priors simple and elegant. Eliminating the need to dig through scanned in documents and unreconciled studies reduces information overload and helps physicians provide more timely, relevant care.

What about the fax?

  • Cloud-based image sharing companies focus on eliminating the CD-ROM without considering the equally archaic process of requesting priors, sharing reports, and handling patient consent over a fax machine.
  • Identify prior exams on Medicom’s search engine, instead of trying to locate them over the phone.
  • Handle inbound and outbound requests for priors in a unified worklist and make manual sending and intaking of faxes a thing of the past.
  • Other image sharing vendors do not displace faxed reports. Imagex delivers orders and reports alongside images on the Medicom Network.

ImageX Features

Single Platform for Image Sharing

Medicom’s vendor-neutral approach enables image sharing with other cloud-based vendors in addition to any PACS, VNA, or EHR. This eliminates the need to host multiple cloud-gateways and VPNs and lowers the IT overhead of image sharing.

Deeply Integrate Referring Providers

Outside physicians can order and receive results within their EHR. With Medicom’s Developer program, these interfaces can be established without the constraints of HL7.

Granular Access Control

Medicom’s ImageX platform supports multiple levels of “trust” with outside facilities, ensuring outside facilities only have access to information required for continuation of care.

HIPAA Compliant

Medicom's patented architecture exceeds the requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule's Technical Safeguards and is the only image sharing vendor that fully complies with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2.

“I love Medicom. Before ImageX, it used to take hours to deal with all the CD’s. I can now do the same work in minutes.”

Mary P. Chief Nuclear Medicine Tech


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